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Your Mobile App will boost repeat business or help members of your organization to become more active.  Very low cost!

View this 3 minute video to see which of 20+ features will best improve retention and activity.  Then call Ray to get yours!

Progressive Web App (PWA)

for Small Businesses

and Organizations

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FOR BEST RESULTS:  Your App should contain 1-3 main features and several additional ones since it can serve as a simplified mobile website for customers / members.

Events List, Food Ordering, Shopping Cart, Video Library, Phone Directory, Locations Map, Blog or RSS Feed, Announcements, Special Offers are all available!

Webmaster Ray is a full time web designer since 2005. 

This is an example of a "Landing Page" which can greatly increase conversions (effectiveness) of pay-per-click ads (PPC), facebook ads and any other form of advertising.  

This video itself is an example of marketing videos I offer. More info at