Ray Christensen Introduction

I'm searching for a special woman to make our lives more fulfilling...
or to at least share some fun activities as we get to know each other.

Please view my 3 minute video and let me know if you're up for coffee, or lunch, or a walk in the park.

Quality Single Male

Seeks Fit Female Under 55

Webmaster Ray builds custom websites

302-633-1482 (h) (o)

302-685-3536 (m)

Email me!

Wilmington, DE

I'm serious about this, but I hope you'll enjoy it and maybe smile or even laugh.  If it seems awkward in any way, simply pause the video and grab yourself a beer or your favorite drink, to see if that helps.

Did I say I'm serious?  I really am...I'm offering $2,000 to the person who "refers" the woman if we were ultimately to marry. You'll be presented with a check at the reception. (Self nominations are fine, so you could get a ring and a check.)  Keep the reward or donate it to your favorite charity!         ...You don't read fine print like this everyday!

Webmaster Ray has been a full time web designer since 2005. 

This is an example of a "Landing Page" which can greatly increase conversions (effectiveness) of pay-per-click ads (PPC), facebook ads and any other form of advertising.  The video itself is an example of marketing videos I offer. More info at www.AttractWeb.com


That site will show you what a wonderful guy I am, since it includes links to several websites I've donated to my favorite organizations and charities. I'm also a 6+ gallon blood donor.   What a guy!