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Wilmington Delaware video marketing

People love videos — especially short ones!
Utilizing video to market your products or services is no longer optional. To stand out from your competitors, YOU NEED VIDEO to be embedded on your website, integrated into social media posts, on your Smartphone App, as part of your email campaigns, and even in your own YouTube channel.   View sample videos

Websites now contain less text and more photos, since they catch the eye. Embedded videos are even better, since visitors are more willing to watch a 30-45 second video than scroll thru large blocks of text and several pages to find what they seek.

  1. The vast majority of people prefer to view a short video, since it can be packed with clips, images, voiceover, captions, and even upbeat background music to appeal to all of our senses as we quickly learn if our problem can be solved
  2. We produce customized video using your images and clips and optimize for best results
  3. We place online and include call to action, clickable from the video itself
  4. We embed in your home page or create landing pages so you can easily track results
  5. You receive calls or emails or texts from motivated prospects!
  6. Special Bonus: We will set up or optimize your YouTube account to double your potential audience!

    Use Same Video in Multiple Locations!

    Video statistics & market research:

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