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Embed YouTube videos on your site to grab attention, demonstrate products or display customer testimonials. Webmaster Ray can create a 30-60 second marketing video for use on your website, facebook, linkedin, twitter and email blasts. View some samples and give me a call!

Video Marketing Samples

Delaware Chester New Castle County Electrician

Attraction LLC Mobile Apps for Restaurants

Brandywine Auto Repair

Realtor: Homes for sale in Newark, Delaware

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My unbeatable price (starting at just $350) includes:

  • Up to 20 of your selected images
  • Stock photos, if needed
  • 30-60 second voiceover by Ray (you provide script)
  • Your choice of background music
  • Captions inserted to highlight your message
  • Logo/contact slide created for you (w/phone(s), web address)
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Top Tips for Video Marketing your Online Business

Video grabs prospects’ attention far more quickly and effectively than text, audio or photographs. Making a short video can capture a thousand words and pictures and helps promote your personal brand and lifestyle.

Stand out in the crowd on video channels and search engines. Create headlines and photos that capture imagination, curiosity, shock or fun to increase clicks & purchases.

#1: Keep your videos short
30-60 seconds is best. (longer for a demonstration/how-to video)

#2: Post videos on your sales pages
Home or About or Product pages introduce the main benefits of your product or service.

#3: Choose your keywords carefully
This provides added bonus of ranking your video in search engines such as Google Chrome & Bing.

#4: Have a clear purpose & structure
Target your video on the right purpose before you start. Does your video answer the questions your visitors have in their heads when they’re searching for solutions? Make things concise and crystal clear.

#5: Create a clear call to action
Instruct viewers what to do as a result of watching your video. Call, Buy, Sign Up, Submit Email Address, etc. Provide an incentive, such as a free report or discount.

#6: Encourage comments on your video
Create social buzz by enabling commenting and sharing your content at YouTube.

#7: Post to social media sites
Use the social sites to jump start the viral effect. Leverage your video by posting it on all platforms, to unleash the true power of social media.

#8: Re-Use Content: re-purpose and repackage your videos
Use your created content and add to it to create additional videos on different topics, such as each of your products or services – to create an actual library (your own YouTube Channel) to market your business.

In summary… your video marketing checklist:

  • Short
  • Targeted
  • Structured
  • Clear offer
  • Linked
  • Viral
  • Repurpose

Contact Webmaster Ray if you still have questions or are ready to start!

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