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Mobile Apps Boost Customer Retention

Delaware mobile appsBring your customers back for repeat business!
Mobile Apps offer small businesses an inexpensive tool to compete with larger competitors and national chains. Your customers will always be just a tap away!

Delaware mobile apps
Bring your customers back for repeat business!

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  • Salons & fitness centers can allow appointment scheduling and display photo gallery.
  • Salons & fitness centers

  • Non-profits and associations can list events and make donations easy.
  • Non-profits and associations

  • Real Estate Agents can offer one tap access to property listings and send timely push notifications.
  • Real Estate Agents

  • Bars & Clubs & Coffee Shops can offer Loyalty coupon programs & event schedules.
  • Bars & Clubs & Coffee Shops

    small business mobile appsEach feature has a number of options. For example, a pizza shop can include delivery, pick up or dine in or any combination of those. They can accept credit card payment via the app, accept cash, or either one. Either a custom ordering system or an existing third party platform such as grubHub, olo, yelpEat24 or iMenu360. A custom delivery radius can be set up around your location so that people out of your area will only have pick-up option. Once they’ve ordered once, the likelihood of repeat business increases dramatically.

    small business mobile apps

    More Repeat Business, More Referrals

    Show your customers all of the features and tell them to watch for app-only specials! The loyalty rewards feature allows several different promotions to run simultaneously so there is something for everyone. For example, a pizza shop could give rewards per slice of pizza or per pizza or both.

    How Your Business Will Benefit

    mobile appBrand Loyalty – Repeat Customers
    Loyalty programs/coupons + News / Announcements

    mobile app
    Brand Loyalty – Repeat Customers

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    Increased sales opportunities
    Mobile Coupons & Offers + Special offers

    Increased sales opportunities

    Increase exposure
    People have phones on them 24/7 + Company is in their phone

    Increase exposure

    Get ahead of competition
    Take advantage of the “buzz” + Social Network visibility

    Get ahead of competition

    Measure your marketing